lunes, 1 de agosto de 2011

How to have a Lovely Day

1.Wake up Early
2.Watch the Sunrise or Sunset
3.Take a bath
4.Wear something that makes you feel good
5.Wear Parfum
6.Wear shoes you love
7.Flowers (in any form)
8.Carry everything you need in your pockets (ie, not much)
9.Take a train somewhere and think about how magical and romantic that is
10.Say please and thank you
11.Wish others a lovely day
12.Smile (a lot!)
13.Eat a square of beautiful dark chocolate
14.Listen to music for itself, not as a background noise
15. Read a book
16.Cook or bake for someone else
17.Watch a beautiful film
18.Tell somebody you love them
19.Eat dessert first
20.Use exquisite Teacups
21.Drink Tea
22.Turn off the lights; light Candles

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